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How Are You Going To Win If You're Not Right With-In?

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

In 2016, I had a mentor that played a very vital role in a period of my life where I was developing as an artist and entrepurner. She would repetitively pose a call to action when I would fail, not the process, but myself. "Commit", and she would say this if I showed up late, unprepared, or if the quality of whatever I submitted wasn't considered my "best" compared to previous work.

Around this time, I would grow callous with her because though I felt like I was trying and working very hard to produce quality content, she saw differently. I thought her opinion was that my work isn't good enough, but it was simply that there was much greater in me to be produced and her only goal was to mature me in pull it out. During that time I had to overcome a great deal of insecurity and personal pain to really and authentically focus on producing my best work. My "Best" didn't have to be the most popular, the most relevant, or the most relatable, but it had to be authentic and true to me.

I think we do this thing with self sabotage where we know who we are, what we are, what were capable of, and what we should do. However, instead of taking those steps forward and allowing all things to work together we stop ourselves or short change ourselves to be accepted or palatable to the masses. I challenge readers to take themselves to the next level of self acceptance and success by simply committing and producing their best. Wake up a bit earlier, read that book or take the class that can help yo gain more information, be thorough in your planning, and focus on your execution and render the results you deserve. Don't just fantasize and be frustrated about where you are, become the person you'd like to be.

With love,

Nia Naomi, Owner


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