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How My Study Abroad Experience Revealed My Strengths

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

I spent two semesters in France studying Luxury Management as the only African American student coming from the PWI I was attending my Juinor year of undergrad. That is already a heavy story in it's self. I was very enthusiastic and excited about the entire process while my family was so afraid to send me abroad "alone". We raised the money necessary to enjoy the experience, I did very well academically, but the education was the least impactful part of the experience.

I got into a routine of believing in myself!

I'd wake up every morning in my 400sq-ft loft, write, and sketch out whatever would be my first collection of high-ticket items. I would pray and ask God to give me clarity on what the name of my company would be. Through out my entire life, there's been a common theme of having to be courageous and operate in a spirit of boldness to contrast the insecurity and fear I'd often feel. There's a passage about a guy named Joshua who prayed similar prayers. Not only did God give him instruction & details, he also posed a call to action. "Be Bold & Courageous". I didn't want to give the entire story away so you can always check it out in the Bible and read the story of Joshua. However, It resonates with me the same. That whatever fashion company I'd have would center itself around being bold, and courageous about their approach to life, with some integral added styling tips and pieces from my collections. Being in France and not knowing French, Learning the word "Audacieux" as I was learning the language was the best thing Saint-Etinne could've done for me.

Truth is...

I'd rather the masses understand Audacieux Brand as a collective that offers many things, things than to just pigeon hole us as a fashion brand alone. I really want to empower people, produce amazing content, while creating fashion that cater to the culture.

The first collection being an all women's wear collection is sweet to me because being able to curate very comfortable, dynamic pieces for all body types is sincerely a breath of fresh air for myself and many others who enjoy great style and great quality together.

With love,

Nia Naomi, Owner

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